Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jaiden's First Dishwashing

Jaiden ate Kitkat. He liked it so much, just like any other chocolates, that he got a small plate and put the remaining 1 stick on it. After eating it all, he got a chair and push it to the sink area and then did what he is doing here in the video.

He actually didn't stop doing this until I have to stop the video-taking and have to stop him from continuing. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Surprise Presents

Got all these from a friend. I was surprised to receive this on the night after my birthday when I got home from work. They said she called up the house that she's going to drop something in the guard house.

 How sweet of her to have personally made a birthday greeting card for me. She also gave my favorite chiccos (nananghid ka sa imong lolo ana Chell? or your brother ra nag-kuha? heheeh), a tumbler and most of all a very cute decorative miniature mug (so like it!!!)

Thank you Chell!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making This Day, My Day!

As I have promised myself, I tried making my birthday today different. I did my grocery alone and was just happy my hubby gave me as his birthday presents, four thousand pesos, to buy the ingredients I wanted to cook and then the rest of the money is mine (wide grin). I'm now thinking what to buy for myself.... hhmmm...a new branded t-shirt perhaps? Whatever it is.. it is some reason to be happy on my birthday other than being happy for having another year to celebrate.

So there it goes!! the foods that I cooked or rather co-cooked with my mama. Well, I would admit I couldn't do it alone you know. You just need to have some assistance in preparing the ingredients. I did the Pata Tim and Humba. As much as possible as I would like to think and believe that we religiously followed the measurements and the manner of cooking the food, as my mother said it, in order to taste a different taste of Humba, Pancit Bihon and to taste Pata Tim.
All the food are just liked by the eaters except that my Pata Tim is a disappointment. I don't know what happened to my sauce when I did follow the measurement. Bottom line, the sauce didn't turned out as it should be. Well, at least my Humba is tasty and tasted just the way I like it (I will cook it again). As to the Pancit Bihon, though it was my mother who cooked it but I sure did watch how she did it. The result?I so liked our Pancit Bihon.

To stay on track of my plans, I had our helper went with Jaiden and I to the Lipata Chapel to hopefully attend a mass or light some candles even though it was drizzling. However, we arrived there at almost the end of the mass. So we went to the candle lighting area only to see a box of matchsticks without any candle at all. With this, we went inside the chapel and prayed. After which, I already had a feeling that Jaiden wouldn't be contented to end the activity by just it and I was correct. He said and pointed to the road saying "want to go there?" - he wanted to go beyond the Lipata Chapel, somewhere down the road. But, it was raining, so I find an alibi telling him that we go home to blow the candles of the cake. Without hesitation, he oblige - such a very good, sweet child.

Everybody was in celebratory mood. Hubby wasn't just around to eat together with us but with Jaiden with me, he surely made my birthday extra special when he sang me the birthday song and blew the candles with me.

Thank you Lord, for this another year, for all the blessings and being with me always when trials came and for hearing my prayers and letting me see and realized things. 

Happy Birthday to Meeehhhh!!!

Happy Birthday!!!



Jaiden just so loves his Froggy ever since this came to him as a gift on his first birthday from a friend who happens to be his godmother also.

One night I bought myself a new watch and it has a miniature pillow as its holder. So I joked at Jaiden that it be the pillow of Froggy. He was so delighted at the idea that he immediately let Froggy lie down on it.

After which, he got my camera in the cabinet and gave it to me saying "mama take picture of me and Froggy?". After hearing this, mother and I really got a good hearty laugh. We were just so surprised of his actions that I couldn't believe just how much he adored his Froggy.

Jaiden considers Froggy as his best friend and his all-time comforter specially when he goes to sleep. We just don't know what we're going to do if one day, God forbid, Froggy would be gone.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Making it Different

If before I would just wake up, go to work, reading messages from regular birthday greeters, now I will have to try to make it different. Yes, for the first time, since my working career, I will not be at work on my birthday. Thank you to my new corporate employer who values work, life balance - I will be on leave on my coming birthday.

Lately, I am into cooking by just simply looking at the recipes posted on the net. In fact, I have already tried chicken macaroni soup to which only me and my hubby believed to have been delicious. My other housemates's taste buds are so into traditional tasting that they didn't like the taste nor the smell of the celery. I learned later that celery, aside from carrots, are one of the main ingredients when you want your soup to be so smelly-tasteful.

The recipes I cooked or shall cook doesn't have to be a 5-star sophisticated food but just a simple one that our usual Filipino palates can handle and today I missed my mama's bola-bola (meat balls) that I tried cooking one. Other than the ground pork, the vegetable ingredients were just the finely chopped: carrots, chayote, potatoes, small amount of red bell pepper and onions. However, I just added few seasonings and didn't taste it (to which my hubby commented to be my biggest failure) that I later learned when the fried meat balls were cooked, that these tasted bland. I was so disappointed of myself (that feeling of excitement to taste my missed-bolabola wasn't coming to life). Good thing my husband suggested to make a tasty sauce to save it. Fortunately, I was able to made an okay sauce (thanks to Oyster sauce as the significant ingredient) that out of ten meat balls, only three are left uneaten.

Going back to my coming birthday, I now decide to make it different by cooking the foods that we would be eating. I will then be cooking Pata Tim, Humba, Camaron Rebosado, Adobong Kangkong and Pancit Bihon. I know that what I enumerated are just our everyday food (I think except for the Pata Tim?) that we encounter but mind you I want to follow the measurements and the recipe that are on this site I think that it's different when you cook it yourself.  Hopefully, I will be able to deliver it to the best of our palates. So wish me luck on my birthday!

p/s I will be posting pics of my cooked foods then :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Visit to Developmental Assessment Pedia

This afternoon we went to a developmental assessment pedia after due to what his other pedia advised us last week. She said that she noticed something of our son's behavior like "parrotting" and "not much eye contact" when being talked to. Though personally, I can say that Jaiden is okay to me. My husband says the same also. However, we decided to go for the assessment because this pedia stressed out that she would highly suggest that we have him assessed because there might be needed intervention before it might be too late. I think it is her strong statement that struck us and for our peace of mind, we decided to have an appointment.

The developmental-assessment-pedia talked to us, parents, firsts. I didn't realize that there would be much effort of getting our opinion or say on the situation. He said that my very first statements when I talked to him are so defensive that it seems that I was convincing him that there is nothing wrong with our son. So he told us that if we were convinced that there is nothing wrong then what's the reason of seeing him? Why would we mind other people's opinion? He said that we have to recognize first and identify what we see as wrong of our child otherwise he would not be seeing any problem. He further said, that it is not him who will identify the problem but us and that it is not like we bring our child to him and have him see for himself what is wrong. Gosh! in my mind I was saying to myself "unsa mani oi, ka-effort ba ani!" My husband and I were caught in a situation wherein we have to think of a proper convincing answer for him to go on with the assessment!

At least he guided us as by telling what does a normal three-year old child acts like - being not that oozy when being into a new place and other things an ideal three year old does which I am not so familiar because I actually don't know what are the ideal behavior. In my mind I was telling myself that every child is unique and that maybe he is just that. Anyway, we manage to finish our first part of the conversation then Jaiden and my mother was allowed to join the room.

Jaiden was then talked by the doctor. The doctor had all his paraphernalia inside his square suitcase.He got out all those things, one by one for Jaiden to follow and do and some for him to answer his questions. He got first his blocks and he created the blocks into an imaginary subway with the ten small blocks put side by side as the imaginary train. He showed Jaiden how to do it then later asked Jaiden to follow. Jaiden attempted all his might be he can't get the imaginary subway where the train will pass. He struggled. Then the doctor said that it is okay because the test is really for a six-year old child and that at least he got the intention of trying to follow it. The others where shape puzzles where in he was asked to put those in its proper places. He was able to do it all correctly except for those four different sizes of squares tests wherein he was stuck in two-square sizes. He really did his best and at times would say "don't know" and some garbled words where only  his"help" word is clear. He was actually trying to ask some help to the extent of getting my right hand and putting it on the toy. He was also asked to identify pictures, identify toys like cup, fork, knife, plate and identify animal toys like dogs, horse, et al. All these identification things activity, he managed very well with only one or two mistakes. He struggled only  when he was asked as to what does a plate for and what does a watch for. But he was able to say that a cup is for "drink" and that a spoon is for "eat" - these we were laughing because it lacks the "ing" for his "drinking" and "eating" words. He was also asked to write which I thought he would refuse. Good thing he did hold the pencil and trace the shapes but not really did the correct tracing of the figure since he was holding the pencil not the proper way. Overall. it was fun witnessing Jaiden perform in front of his first-meet-doctor. I really thought he would be shy.

The doctor said that Jaiden meets higher than what he expected. He generally said that he didn't see anything wrong to raise the red flag to which it is not much of a surprise to me. His "parrotting" is not actually what it is because the alarming thing is when he keeps on repeating words or phrases in just a few minutes after without understanding what he is saying but Jaiden only repeats the phrase in a long interval (1 or 2 days after) when he is in a similar situation or saw something he associates the word with. His no "eye-contact" is also okay, he only does it when the person is new to him but after a few minutes of being familiar he does eye-contact and it is even so emotional - it speaks or convey something. Sidenote: I wasn't worried that we would be engage in sessions of developmental activity which I believe is too costly because visiting him was just for his assessment and that deep inside I know that Jaiden is just really okay. Well, what a mother-instinct would have to be? Anyway, If I remember it correctly, I think he sort of said that we were right that he was just okay.  On the other hand, he said that he would do the math scoring and assess further with the data he gathered from us and will email us the formal result of assessment supposedly  tonight but right now I didn't receive it yet. Well, I will give him time until tomorrow afternoon and will email him if I still wouldn't receive any.

p/s the consultation was worth P2T, anything for our Jaiden then at least we have now a peace of mind, thank you Lord! =)